Prolegomena To A Game

Ongoing UDK project, 2013-Present


Cosmonautical Autoportraits

Cyanotypes, Alt-Process, 2012-2013



Environment Art Lead at Gearbox Software, 2006-2010



Towards A Sidescroller, 2011-12



Cyanotypes, Alt-Process, 2011





Cartomancy, Sciamachy

auguring cards, digital paint, 2011-2014


Friends and Zombies




Urban photoInterrogation, 2011



architectural, ephemeral, 2012


Flaberghast's Approach

Landscape MacroExtraction, 2012


Hardened Criminals In Pajamas

llustration, solemn portraiture, 2011



Environment Art Lead at Gearbox Software, 2006-2010


Painting, 2006-2013

acrylic, mixed media on panel


Mobile Device Painting

iphone on the train, 2009-2011


Duke Nukem Forever

Artist, Level Designer, 3D REALMS, 2001-2006


Erased Photography

autopoesy, photoreduction, 2000-2014


Fiat Symbolography

narrative miniatures, collage, 1999-2002


Game Errata

Miscellaneous Game and 3d Content, 2001-2014


Real Tournament Mod

Unreal Tournament Textures, Level Design, 1999-2001


Misc. Works on Paper

prints, collage, drawing, 2000-2014



misc. graphics, web and print, 2010-2014


Comics and Strips

sequential art, experiments, 2010-2014



photography, paper, prints, 2010-2014


Architectural Photography

digital, structural transfers, 2011-2014


Misc. Photography

Unserialized, encaustic, prints, 2009-2014


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Timothy Wilson is an artist with over a decade of professional experience in game development and visual design. Drop him a line.

2012-13 - Visual Effects Artist

RETRO - Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze


- Created particle sprites, systems, and meshes in accordance with franchise standards of style and motion.

- Collaborated in developing and refining internal tools and FX workflow.

- Debugged and optimized FX implementations to assist in the developement of new proprietary toolset and render engine.

- Assisted in the development of particle and FX features such as debris generation, real-time water dynamics and and sky visualization.

- Produced world geometry, textures, surface shaders and interactive props, including the almighty Donkey Kong Barrels.

2010-12 - Senior World Artist

ESCALATION - Rage Multiplayer, Mobile Games


- Worked with idTech5 during it's development and assisted in developing an appropriate art pipeline.

- Collaborated in the design of co-op and multiplayer themes and assets.

- Originated and designed levels for vehicle-optimized multiplayer, including the creation of world geometry, materials and detail shaders.

- Produced concept art, models, scenes and materials for various mobile and browswer-based games.

2006-10 - Environment Art Director

GEARBOX - Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway


- Led the environment art team on both Borderlands and Aliens: I assigned tasks, supervised production and provided feedback and mentorship when needed.

- Collaboratively defined the "concept-art" hand-painted art style and created practical documentation of technique and process.

- Worked with Creative Director and department leads to anticipate asset production and maintain consistent styling and performance

- Co-created and sustained a Visual Design department, correcting a lack of communication between Art and Level Design.

- Constructed world vignettes and iterative 'template' areas to facilitate rapid level creation.

- Produced environment props, modular mesh sets, textures, materials and particle FX, in addition to organizing and maintaining related engine packages.

Reviewed and integrated contributions from outsourcing; collaborated on the generation of style and 'best practice' guides for external talent.

2001-06 - Artist and Level Designer

3D REALMS/APOGEE - Duke Nukem Forever


- Created textures, materials, world models, prop meshes and interactive items.

- Propelled art production with the creation of level vignettes, working designers to determine art requirements and fundamental themes.

- Created multiplayer levels with an eye toward distinct assets, themes and hooks.

- Collaborated in developing a pipe-line for pixel/vertex shaders, normal map generation and dynamic materials.

- Actively participated in developing systems and toolsets for skeletal animation, material editing, bsp-patch construction, mesh painting and physics simulation.

- Provided ongoing Quality Assurance for Apogee funded external projects such as Max Payne and Prey.

Of Potential Relevance

pertinent experience and skills


- Extensive creative experience with Adobe products, including: Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightbox, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

- Proven production skill with proprietary game engines and toolsets, inlcuding: Build, q3Radiant, Unreal Engine (v1 to 3), idTech5, Lithtech (Jupiter) and several internal, proprietary production suites.

- Proficient with css3, html5, javascript, mediawiki and most blogging platforms; the fundamental tenets of web development.

- Expert knowledge of of photography, motion picture film, video editing as well as chemical photoprocessing and various forms of physical printing.

- Desktop and digital publishing experience utilizing Quark and inDesign, including editorial and advertising layouts.

- Authored feature content, reivews, commentary as chief writer and assitant editor for Velocity and Vivid magazines.

-Enriched by a parallel 'career' in the plastic arts, with a modest resume of exhibitions, awards and gallery shows.


University of South Florida

B.A. Cinematography, Fine Arts

St. Petersburg College

A.A., Liberal Arts, Interdisciplinary Program